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Our Features

Real Time Performance Tracking

See performance, when it happens, as it happens. Leaders can get a birds eye view of team and organizational performance, equipping them with instant updates on goal completion and employee achievement.

Goal Cascading

Leaders can even partially or completely distribute goals to their team. Everyone can view the bigger picture and gain clarity on the collective progress towards strategic company objectives.

Performance Insights

Anticipate unexpected & surprising events, predict succession & attrition, foresee opportunities & risks within your organization.

Sentiment Analytics

Understand how your workforce feels and their level of satisfaction. View trends in positivity and negativity within teams to gain a new perspective on performance.

Gamified Leader Board Recognition.

Employees can now earn recognition, compete in interdepartmental competitions and gain rewards for outstanding performance and goal achievement.

With Up's strategic gamification, any goal could be achieved, one level at a time.